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R i t u a l  T o o l s

Check out our gallery of hand-made ritual tools & accessories
sacred journals
Sacred Journals


Our customized journals are hand-made with quality hard cover books, and designed with materials such as beads, twine, and mirrors

Used for spiritual journaling (book of shadows, dream journal, automatic writing, and more)

sacred journals
Womb Pendulums


Specifically designed for healing the sacred feminine, these pendulums are hand-made with seashells (linked to water element) and are chakra colour coded.

Use for divination or self-healing. Learn how HERE

Shells, glass beads, pearls and crystals can be found in any of our unique creations.  Requests are welcome

womb pendulums
ritual doll4.jpg
Ritual Dolls


Hand-made with a glass bottle base, these dolls can be dressed to suit your needs


Use as a fertility doll on your altar or workstation to represent the creative force of the goddess 

Head Coverings


These include triangular peaked gypsy headscarves (measure on average 48" lengthwise and 21" at each peak), as well as long lengths of fabric for turbans (3 yards long, 25" wide). 


Head coverings can be worn for religious convictions or to simply accessorise your look. Available in a variety of plain colours or prints.

head scarf
head scarf
Visit our Sacred Paths Gallery to see a full selection of other ritual tools and accessories
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